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Criminal Defense

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If you have been charged with a crime or are under investigation, it’s important to speak with a criminal defense attorney as soon as possible. It’s not easy being at the mercy of our criminal justice system. Your reputation, career, liberty, and life may be on the line! You need an attorney who will fight to stand up for your Constitutional rights and tell your side of the story!

Drug Possession

When you’re in trouble for possession or sale of illegal substances, it’s important to contact an attorney right away!  A drug conviction can impact your life in severe ways. While states across the country continue to revise and repeal their marijuana prohibitions,   the substance is still illegal to use, possess, sell, or cultivate in the State of Ohio. Although the Ohio legislature has legalized medical cannabis, the law will remain murky and medical users may still find themselves the subject of a criminal investigation…


Ohio law allows for expungement of 2 misdemeanors or 1 misdemeanor and 1 felony. Certain offenses are not expendable including those subject to mandatory prison time. You are eligible for expungement 1 year after the complete discharge of a misdemeanor sentence and 3 years for a felony. Complete discharge means all terms of probation have ended and all fines and restitution have been paid. Contact The Law Office of Benjamin D. Migdal for a free consultation on expungement eligibility. Attorney Migdal can review your record with you, draft your petition, and file it with the sentencing court. Expungements are offered at reasonable rates and flexible payment options are available.

Felony Defense

Charged with a felony? From everything including any pre-charge investigation, your initial court appearance, preliminary hearing, the indictment, arraignment, pretrial conferences, jury selection, and trial, Attorney Migdal will guide you every step of the way. Many drug offenses are felonies, especially when heroin is involved. If you felony offense is a result of a substance abuse problem, Attorney Migdal will make all attempts to ask the court for Intervention in Lieu of Conviction (IILC). Additionally, many misdemeanors are elevated to the felony level for a second offense (such as domestic violence or child endangerment). These charges can lead to serious prison time…

Juvenile Law

Legal representation for minors accused of crimes and facing the juvenile justice system for misdemeanor, felony, and juvenile traffic charges. The Law Office of Benjamin D. Migdal in Akron, Ohio offers full service criminal defense representation for charges in juvenile court. Contact our firm today for a free and confidential case assessment on your juvenile case.


To name a few of the common types of misdemeanors we represent clients for.

  • Alcohol Offenses – Purchasing or possessing alcohol underage, open container, keeper of the place violations, and public intox charges.
  • Criminal Damaging – Knowingly or recklessly cause a substantial risk of physical harm to the property of another without consent.
  • Criminal Mischief – Moving, defacing, damaging, destroying or tampering with the property of another. This offense encompasses many “pranks” such as toilet papering or “egging” a house when the alleged conduct falls short of criminal damaging.
  • Disorderly Conduct – Often overcharged by overzealous officers, disorderly conduct or “DOC” is broadly defined. There are two types of disorderly conduct.

Outstanding Warrants

If you have an unresolved warrant, you will have issues renewing your license and even obtaining employment or housing. In addition, you are subject to arrest at anytime and encounters with law enforcement can be risky. By hiring an attorney to help resolve a warrant, you can surrender yourself safely and arrange for a quick bond. Your attorney can also be on hand to advise you if you police plan on asking you any questions in connection with an investigation…

Traffic Tickets

Whether it’s a hit skip, failure to control your vehicle, driving under suspension, or even a basic speeding ticket, Attorney Migdal will review your traffic tickets to examine all possible avenues of defense. Avoid points on your license that can lead to costly insurance increases and losing your privilege to drive.

If you hold a commercial driver’s license (CDL), you can be suspended for certain traffic infractions. It’s imprtant to contact an attorney when your license and career are on the line!

Don’t waive your tickets thinking there is no other way out! If you were caught speeding by a traffic camera, Ohio law requires certain rules be complied with by the citing agency for these kind of tickets to be valid. In addition, laser or radar detection methods aren’t always perfect and can be challenged in court.

The Law Office of Benjamin D. Migdal in Akron, Ohio offers full service defense representation for all traffic offenses. Contact our firm today for a free and confidential case assessment on your traffic ticket.

Violent Crimes & Domestic Violence

Some of the common cases of violent crimes we represent clients for are:

Assault – Causing or attempting to cause harm to another person. Attorney Migdal can work your case to look for any claims of self-defense or that a fight was mutual. Assault is known as an “offense of violence” and can keep you from working in certain jobs.

Domestic Violence – Causing or attempting to cause harm to a family or household member. Domestic violence is a serious offense and the consequences can be severe. You could be banned from owning a firearm or even renting in certain properties. A first-offense of domestic violence is a first-degree misdemeanor. Later offenses can be charged as felonies.

Violating a Protection Order – Protection orders include civil or criminal orders to avoid contact with a person named in the order. Violations of a protection order are first-degree misdemeanors, and later offenses can be charged as felonies.

Gun/Weapons Offenses – Whether it’s carrying a concealed weapon or having weapons under disability, Attorney Migdal offers representation for weapons crimes including help keeping your CCW license and fighting for the return of your property.

The Law Office of Benjamin D. Migdal in Akron, Ohio offers full service criminal defense representation for all violent offense charges. Contact our firm today for a free and confidential case assessment.